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As an explainer animation agency, making animated explainer videos is what we love most. Our videos stand out for being highly targeted and branded, and that’s because we have a creative team capable of creating flawless pieces of content with a highly organized process. We tailor the Message to your company’s identity and audience’s needs, and that’s why our animated explainer videos taste different. Regardless of niche, we’ve crafted hundreds of videos for various industries.

Why one should opt for explainer video services?

If you are given a two-pieces of same work but one is given in written form and the other is given in the form of a visual video. Which one will you choose? Of course the second one that has a video. Why? It is because in this hectic world, people have less time to read and more engrossed into the work. No customer will love to spend his or her precious time in reading each and every content of your website, traversing it and looking for the services you are offering. In the fast pace world where people are more busy in their own world, if you do not present your services or products you are offering to customers in a straightforward way, you are bound to loose thousands of potential customers. The concept of having an explainer video to showcase the company’s products and services can help your brand make more famous with the help of animated videos.

And for that a business must choose wisely the best animated video company in order to showcase its products to the large and wider audiences.

It is because an explainer video is the best way to present all your services and products of a company in an instant way. The video will consist a commercially licensed background and your business brand title. It also consists of all your products information in the video animation to help existing customer as well as new visitors to get the complete information about your business in an instant way. In simple words, explainer video is a dynamic way of your products and services representation of the company.

The video production services offered by a leading web development and digital marketing company in Melbourne has over a decades of experience and expertise in providing 3D and 2D animation services. The dedication and out of the box creative solutions offered by our video production team strives them to make exceptional and spectacular explainer videos that not only present the services or products in an effective manner but also it increases conversion and boost sales of the business. With our amazing services and increasing benefits, a leading video production company in Melbourne offers services to global clientele whether it is a startup or an established enterprises catering to various unique industries.

What makes the trusted animated video production company in Melbourne? is a foremost explainer video company in Melbourne, which is a pioneering name in the field of top-notch animation companies in Melbourne. Our animated video experts are well versed with rising video boom and offer a wide array of video services across the globe that includes animated videos, demo videos, corporate videos, and promotional videos for every kind of businesses of all types and sizes. Our human based and agile approach to explainer video products and services lends us an unparalleled and unmatched position in the video animation industry. We are taking pride in telling that we have all the necessary skills and resources to perform and carry out our duty proficiently and promisingly. We believe in timely delivery of every project and thus work round the clock to deliver your project on time without making any fake promises and doing work with sincerity to gather 100% client satisfaction.

Trust our work and we will take you to the top is a top-notch digital marketing and web development agency based in Melbourne, that is one of the leading animation companies in Australia. We work closely with the clients and first of all understand their requirements and needs no matter how much time it takes before initiating the project. We are there to understand the clients and listen to them about  the business goals and objective and once we have listened to their goals, we will turn the tables around and start working on the project with utmost dedication and sincerity. We discuss with our team and clients to devise creative ideas and provide useful insights that will not only unravel the project or service complexity but also infuse a high level of creative solutions at every stage. is a master in this industry for more than decade of years and have proven to the clients their apt nature of workflow process by giving clients a result-oriented work and thus, we have always gathered a loyal client base that are satisfied with our work.

The video production services offered by a leading web development and digital marketing company in Melbourne endeavor to make a meaningful and lasting connection with your target audience who would love to recall them again and again. We aim in having a transparent and effective communication that reflects in everything we do and how we value your projects and deliver quality solutions.


We aim in providing the unmatched value to every project that we undertake and dive deep in to refining our processes. Impressive time management,, creative ideation, amazing co-ordination, and best-in class customer service offered by the team of makes us the best explainer video production company in Melbourne.

Our process of video production includes the following steps:



Our journey with you will start with filling up our form and consulting about your dream project. We are there to explain you each and every aspect of your animation project briefly by our expert team. The entire team of producers, illustrators, and video animators will understand your requirements and come up with specific questions to know what your business or company wants to achieve.

Visual concepts

Only having an impactful video is not enough because it simultaneously requires an impactful story telling. Our team of copywriters will draft scripts from the extensive research they have carried on. The illustrator will then discuss with the clients to get the final approval of the fixed script that will be finalized and then starts to develop visual concepts.


It is the time to finalizing the scripts and visual concepts together in one string of static video frames. It helps the clients to get some of the clear picture as to how the animated video will look.



Now it is the time for motion. The expert animation team of our company will start putting the approved story and visual concepts into motion while infusing the storyboard elements along with appropriate sound effects and other audios.


The final showdown of the entire project is the delivery of the animated video. We are here to provide the best-animated video in any format you wish to accept. Also you need to worry and be assured that there will be a full-fledged technical assistance provided to your business even after the project delivery so that you can make the best use of it.

So, if you are looking to simplify the complexity of the project by hooking on to explainer video products or any other animation videos, is the most suitable partner you can count on. Give us a call today and seek an online consultation to know more about our video production services in Melbourne.


2D Animation

We also provide 2D Animation services to the clients and provide aesthetic characters by bringing animations to life. is a leading animation company in Melbourne that provides innovative video production services to the clients across the globe.

3D animation

Creating 3D Animations for products or services you are offering will altogether have a different fan base. This gives a realistic feel and our 3D animation services in Melbourne will provide a lasting impression on the customers.

White Board Animation

Whiteboard animation is widely used in education industries by attracting more and more students and making them feel engaged while learning old concepts. Our whiteboard animation services provided for your business will always lead you towards the high level.

Explanier Video

If you want to generate more leads and attracts more customers along with the retention of existing customers, choose our explainer video services. We make explainer videos also known, as short videos are a concept of explaining videos in less than 2 minutes.

App Explainer Video

The creative and innovate solutions offered by the well-talented team of a leading video production company in Melbourne has the capability of creating apt content for videos that resemble in the form of application.

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